On Wednesday, July 25 2018, we are organizing a One Day Youth Program as cultural exchange opportunity for both Japanese kids and Non-Japanese kids living in Hiroshima.


 We are offering only 15 places for this one day event where the children will have the chance to learn a little about Japanese culture, while having the opportuniry to teach others about their own.


The cost is only ¥1,000-Yen, but if you are applying through the following e-mail address, you will be invited with free of charge. 


Free invitation: このメールアドレスはスパムボットから保護されています。閲覧するにはJavaScriptを有効にする必要があります。



The space is limited, so apply today!! 


Please see details on the following flyer!!


Iwakuni Cultural Exchange day 2018summer

 For Japanese kids, go to the follwing page for Summer English Camp!!

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325.「この夏 英語で大冒険!」ジュニアイングリッシュキャンプ2018





★ ☆ ★  ☆ ★ ☆  ★ ☆ ★


説明会 広島会場は2018年7月29日(日)です。


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